Highway-Smooth drive!!!

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Its been a long time since i ve posted a review. Wanted to start with a perfect movie.

Highway was almost near that. Directed by Imtiaz Ali creator of Rockstar and jab we met, Highway is  afeel good movie with a very deep sense attached to it.
Veera, a rich gal who is about to be married takes a ride to the Highway with her fiance. They get caught in a violent situation in the petrol bunk where veera gets abducted by Mahabir.
Veera struggles for a day or two, then starts to enjoy every bit of her kidnapping.She feels free in midst of being abducted.She starts to fall in love with Veera and makes Veera much comfortable with her.

With a touch of child abuse  in Veera’s life character develops into one of the finest written and acted roles in  years. Alia Bhatts performance makes u laugh, makes u cry and slowly u l fall in love with Veera.
Scene where she laments about her childhood is extremely well acted.
Randeep Hooda is brilliant. Casting is really the key in this film. This is not a normal road movie, characters sink deeper and deeper as the distance goes by and actors have done extremely well to have carried the film forward.

Cinematography is done well, music is the soul of the movie, A r r has.become.like Hans zimmer who beautifully composes according to the tone of the film.
Regional Music and Sufi adds value to the album. Kudos Mr Ali and Arr

Imtiaz’s characters have dark side.The same is being seen here, Why does Hooda need a dark childhood?this was my question. He mIght have justified by a dialogue but i was not convinced.
Imtiaz is on the verge of becoming th next big thing in bollywood and Highway is perfect ride for the destination he is about to reach.
Great work!!!


I know its too late but this movie has inspired me, amazed me, bewildered me that i m writing a review ages after its release. I came to know about Social Network through my dad. He worked in a techie company and his juniors were raving about the movie! So i decided to download the movie.

When the movie opened all i heard was blahblahblahblah like as if it was fast forwarded. So subtitle was downloaded. N the movie started again. It made me smile when Eissenberg said what are you delusional?. From that moment it was kick ass.

Social network directed by David Fincher is inspired from The Accidental Billionaires. The story of Facebook. More importantly this is story about friendship, entreprunership.

Zuckerberg is the most searched and aspired guy on the planet. Fincher beautifully potrays his.character as someone who is a wizard and.at same time a complete asshole.

Fincher is the best director in this generation. He is not a writer director but even with a comics like Twinkle or pooh he would win a nomination in the oscars. Screenplay of the movie has to be mentioned. It was intense and exciting every frame this is very difficult as movie is dialogue oriented one. Dialogues are freakingly cool, sometimes i could not understand. Some were spectacularly cool like Seanathon,Cut the the. its much cleaner.

Fincher’s handling of actors is brilliant. This is such a movie u l not associate with Fincher because of the actors involved and the storyline. This is an achievement as he made Justin Timberlake act as its very difficult to make a guy act whose biggest achievemeny would be groping Mila Kunis boobs.

Jesse Eissenberg plays Zuckerberg so cool that you would believe that he might be the real Zuckerberg. Spidey dude needs to be mentioned. Brilliant as Eduardo Saverin.

Winklevi brothers did a fairly good job. Scene where they complain to the Harvard President is well acted.

Music is kinda okey-dokey. Its very techno that it lacks variety. Race was well shot.

Fincher’s brilliance, Essienberg’s diligence, Writer’s wit makes Social Network an unforgettable movie. With  end credits playing Beatle’s baby you are a rich man I was blushing.

Warning- Not recommended for Statham and Korean action movie fans

This movie was highly recommend by friend and and imdb users. I really liked Channing Tantum’s performance in that Jonah  Hill’s movie(Gosh!! I am having problem with my memory!!). So i had a lot of expectations about this movie and it was Steven Sodenberg’s( i hardly have seen his movies.. Many people say he is good. So he s good).

With the movie’s opening scene having Mathew Mc…
or Dallas stripping and seducing ladies with “You cannot touch here” we know its  going to be more than comedy on male strippers.

Plot-  Dallas owns a strip club and plans of shifting it to Miami. Magic Mike played by Channing Tantum is Dallas trump card. Magic Mike is a stripper in the night and an entrepreneur in the morning. Once in the construction site he meets this Kid Brain( the name is correct i hope). Brain is good for nothing guy and is loved by his sister. He meets mike in a pub. Mike uses Brain to get girls to his strip club. Mike introduces Brain to everyone one. So the act is performed. Tarzan ( Kevin Nash!! Yup the same guy who is the head of N W O) is stoned and can’t perform. Mike pushes Brain on to the stage and he is asked to strip. He strips and Gals go crazy and kisses a woman while performing his seductive moves.Brain is an instant hit and starts to like stripping.Then the same drama which you would have guessed by now.

Channing Tantum plays.Mike brilliantly. He is funny, good looking and does the stripping job perfectly well.Kid who is Brain is also good in the movie. His sister is superb in scenes where Mike is involved.But the star was Dallas. He atleast should have been nominated for the oscars.I enjoyed every scene he was in. Music was very good in the movie.

With so much good things in the movie, you would have thought its perfect. But its not. Movie’s first half promised so much but the next half is not bad but its predictable. Screenplay screwed big time for me in the later half.

Some scenes were a treat to watch. Dallas teaching Brain some moves and Olivia Munn episode was extremely well written and well acted.
Overall it was good movie. Highly recommend for Dallas acting.

First time in my life i enjoyed aussies getting thrashed and broken, It was because of our skipper MSD. Brute of an innings it was, It was much better than Hayden’s 200, Sachin’s fighting 100 in the match against arch rivals PAKISTAN. I saw him walking to the crease at 10 30,with Tendulkar getting dismissed of a beauty by Lyon, I was praying that Dhoni should not last longer. In a pitch where our two of our classiest batsmen found tough to get goin, There came in Dhoni and played an innings of supreme class and  authority. Critics could no longer say he is not fit for the test arena. Even now if they complain, they could better watch golf.

Dhoni is an unbelievably strong cricketer that it makes difficult to think that he was an Indian. He doesn’t use the straight bat for his pushes, never pulls the ball with his head down, cuts the ball with front foot, these shots we cannot associate with Indian infact subcontinent players ( AFRIDI is not a cricketer, he is butcher.),

The situation he walked in is very tricky, if Australia would have attacked Dhoni and Kohli from the word go, things would have been different @ chepauk.  But they were easy on them for a while that was the biggest mistake they did. Dhoni capitalised and never let them in the game again. Six of Henriques bought chill down my spine, Man that was some hit. His urgency to score runs was exactly required as Australians can comeback even if there is a slightest possible gap of breathing. 100 run partnership with Kumar was Dhoni’s show all the way. Poor Kumar was there just to watch the barabric batting.Dhoni is a special player and critics should not jump over his head and thrash him if he fails to bring the result. He is a long term prospect and you need him for his mere presence as captain.

Ashwin is having time of his life @ MA CHIDAMBRAM stadium, Chennai lad keeps taking wickets. I am very happy for him because he comes from the region where i lived.

On the otherhand  Australian Cricket is at all time low, Clarke is the only player who knows to plays tests and others could hang around. This sure is the weakest Australian team i ve ever seen touring( their ashes down under was the weakest). Warner is surprise package, he played well but it is his time to start thinking about long innings. Dude you are playing @ Langer’s Position. Langer could bat for 24 hours if he was asked to. Ed Cowan who  started as a temporary opener, somehow got into the team. Maybe his uncle is an MP or MLA back there in AUstralia. Neither his temprament is good nor his shot selections. Watson who everyone thinks is biggie is sure no the biggie when it comes to crunch matches. He was supposed to play an innings bit longer but he couldn’t. NO 3 position is too much for Phil Hughes. It was Ponting’s position who could cut and pull freely whereas our Hughes when cuts he makes sure that he hits the stumps. Shame on you mate!! lot was expected from you and you delivered lacklusture performance. Lyon is a weak spinner, he takes wickets but he goes for 200 runs in an innings that will not help at all.

I understand this is India and Indians are unbeatable in their court but if you cannot beat teham atleast make them take a win rather than surrendering to them. Starc could not do much and so was Siddle. Pat tried his heart out. This youngster will be the next big thing in Australian cricket. Chepauk is  awesome, it brings out result in every possible match it hosts.

First test match has gone the other way, Clarke has to try every statergy he has got in his pocket to make sure his team doesn’t give a bad performance.

Dhoni’s show all the way and My prediction for the series would be 2-1 or 3-1 in India’s favour.

Before beginning my take on AADDHI BAGAWAN, i would like to say few things to people who might possibly end up reading my review. I am an ardent movie fan. Be it Tamil,Telugu, Hindi,English i love good movies,  movies which is going to entertain me. If its bad i love thrashing them so if you are offended by it!!! I really can’t help it!!!

We all know how good Ameer’s previous movies are. Be it violent paruthiveeran, spooky Ram or even Mounam Pesiyadhay to some extent was sure entertaining.

His latest AADDHI BAGAWAN never entertains. If it doesn’t entertain it’s fine but it tortures, tests ur patience from the word go.

Three possibilities why Ameer did this movie
1. He must hate Jayam Ravi and wanted to destroy his career
2.He has never seen Bangkok,So he decided to some movie in Bangkok
3. He made movie which is intended to be a spoof on Gangster and Tamil movies.

If its the last one He sure is right up there with Stanley Kubrick, Speilberg.

When i saw the trailer it was funny. Yup i found it very funny and ” THE MAFIOSO CAMBIASSO SHIT”. I entered into the cinema hall with a friend who was so reluctant, i forced him and now he has every right to sue me!
Plot is about two gangsters and their life entangled. AADDHI is a gangster in Bangkok  who works for some ugly guy. He fools some ppl in Andhra as CBI. I know you are laughing and next scene is a laugh riot. Aadhi enters the ugly guy’s den and gifts him a doll(he he he a doll to a gangster).Ameer’s touch.Okay few things happen and he meets Neetu Chandra and some how she befriends and promises Aadhi’s mom that he will turn good( Mom never asks who the fuck are you lady) and there is an action scene where our Aadhi gets shot and they decide to leave out of the country and PPL HERE IS THE TWIST. There is another Jayam Ravi in Mumbai and its because of him Neetu Chandra befriends and traps AADDHI.
In the next half we meet BAGAWAN a transgender (maybe) no bi (maybe). I don’t know what he was. Lets cal him Man who uses lipgloss. He is shown as a badass but things which he does has done by even our Anand Raj. So is Anand Raj badass? Thought he was jackass.

And it’s for you to see it in theaters (its even better than doll scene.

Jayam Ravi does act. He neither entertains as BAGAWAN nor convinces u as AADDHI. But he tried his level best for the role that is very badly written. Neetu Chandra  is okay. There were some characters like Aadhi’s sister boyfriend. He was meant to be irritating but he was disgusting as hell. His English. My lord. He gets shot in the head after some dialogues , i would have shot him seeing his face. AADDHI’s mom has to keep her face. She did that well.
Two brothers from Andhra were the comedians and they did justice to their roles. Oh wait!! They were not comedians or Wat????

Music was bad. Theme was okay because it was stolen from the band Doors. It was badly written story so sure u know its screenplay is bad and dialogues are gonna suck.

Comin to the loop holes, well the movie itself is big blackhole so no need of goofs.

Ameer is the director who made us proud by making our cinema win accolades in Berlin film festival and this sure is his.worst film by far. Wats up with the big guns? First GVM, MANI RATNAM AND NOW AMEER.
2013 is disastrous for Tamil cinema!!!

Jab tak hai jaan and 7 hours!!!!!

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Okay! I don’t watch Hindi movies often but when i do i make sure they are either boring or ridiculous piece of crap (RACE2 WAS THE LAST SHIT I SAW BEFORE JTJ). So after a lot of warning from my ppl i watched Jab Tak hai Jaan.Well it ain’t that bad but it’s lengthy. I almost made it to 7 hrs with an hour of power cut included. Movie begins with a scene where SRK defuses bomb without wearing a suit ( he makes fun of south indian movies. -!-). and they call him Man who cannot die!!Hmmm Anushka enters the screen with a swim suit and jumps into the river from a rock that is located in the middle of river.We are not shown how she got there.It’s a puzzle how she got there!!! She drowns and yells for help. SRK saves her and leaves his jacket behind. It has his diary and Anushka sharma without any manners reads it. So enters Kat and she prays to Jesus she wants a foreigner as a husband. SRK without any manners hears her confession and falls for her. He meets her in the engagement party where he serves and befriends her. She wants to sing a Punjabi song for her dad and so asks SRK who sings Challa on roads. KAT we have a thing called INTERNET where even a Greek song could be learnt. Story takes place in2002 for god sake. SRK asks her to teach him good English. HOW THE FUCK R U IN LONDON WITHOUT ENGLISH BROTHER?????? Okay now they become friends and SRK takes her to the party and we have some moves of KAT worth spending 120 bucks. SRK kisses KAT and story goes on…..(maybe next time i would copy the synopsis from IMDB) Yash Chopra’s last film is boring most of the parts and only becomes exciting after the interval. SRK was good in the movie, scene where he tells Anushka dat maybe in.his next birth he will be more new school and would fall for Anushka Sharma is pretty well acted.(I hate SRK) KAT has to either cry or kiss SRK and she did both of them well Anushka Sharma was the saviour. She was charming and yet anyone would feel pity for this young beautiful woman who loves SRK. There were like some WTF moments like the conversation scene in engagement party between KAT & SRK. It was short.but it felt like they were discussing for 34 hrs or so. How did a nobody becomes somebody in India? Okay they say that his dad was in the army. But comeon becomin a bomb delusion specialist in some time. I can’t buy that man Music was okey-dokey. Screenplay was very slow that could be one of the reason why music dint impress us Strengths- SRK, ANUSHKA SHARMA , LONDON Weakness- Screenplay,plot Watch at ur own risk and i forgot they speak about God too!!!!!!

Before starting with my review. I feel pity for people who protested against this movie.God has given them a very limited knowledge on movies and other aspects of society. This was no way offensive to any religion or a person. Even Osama cannot be offended because he was awfully tall( SPOILERS!!! SORRY!!)in the movie.Being tall is a pride man!! Now there are Christians protesting against the movie.why??? Time pass???Grow up people!!!
Omar is an al-qeada terrorist and he plans to destroy New York with a nuclear device.Wiz a kathak dancer /master is married to Nirupama. She has an affair with her boss so to break her marriage she  hires a detective to spy on her husband Wiz. Detective gets killed by Omar ‘s guy and then you have to watch the rest in theatre.Vishwaroopam is certainly KAMAL’S BIGGEST NOT his greatest, that doesn’t mean its bad.I was so much entertained throughout the movie. That is the moto of this movie. You will be entertained.
Kamal has crafted a very engaging story in a interesting screenplay. This is his most mature movie as a director. He is our Clint Eastwood.
As an actor its a cake walk for him.As WIz he is charming and as Kashmiri he is skilled guy who is not blind folded by Jihadism or whatever.Pooja  Kumar as Nirupama is cute and performs well. Rahul Bose underplays his role which makes it even more menacing. Dude who is Farooq in the movie acted well. Shekar Kapur had no role in the movie maybe in second part his role is of some importance. Andrea too had the same issue. I think there was no role for a comedian. Nasser fulfilled it. Bro you are a terrorist!! Not a clown. Guy who is paranoid jihadi was very good too.
There were some beautifully crafted scenes. One such is the swing scene and scene where people shoot with their fingers indicating violence in the Arab countries. Dialogues were good too. Conversation between Omar and Kashmiri in Omar’s home is fine one.
Film is a violent one ( in India, it looks like PG 13) but that is expected when we have terrorism as the subject. But there were loop holes like Kamal shouting “go go” in american style. Maybe he forgot he was a terrorist. Why was Bin Laden in the movie? Don’t know.but he was awfully tall man.
The transformation scene was good. I really enjoyed but it was very evident in the earlier scene it was comin.Some of my friends found Kadal better.Maybe they were expecting a Jason Statham movie( dishum dishum types). Fortunately it was not. Movie makes you think that shows it has won. New York was not shown well. Greatest city and most beautiful city was not shown well.
Music was fine.Kamal pls go for Rahman next time.He makes even Kadal watchable.
I want this movie to do well because of Kamal. Only honest actor in Indian Cinema. There was nothing offensive about any religion. Its pure entertainment with some brains. I will watch it again for sure. We have the second part comin up. Many reviews stated that faraday sheild was lol moment.Reviews were from bollywood critics who go crazy about Karan Johar’s movie.Such is their standard so don’t give a fuck to their reviews.